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  • About the blog

    This blog is meant to be informative, helpful and maybe bring just a touch of the lighter side. However, if you’ve ever read one of my reports you know I, like almost any Home Inspector, feel the need to exhaustively state disclaimers in an attempt to prevent people from blaming me for problems in their homes. So why would this be any different? The advice, tips and suggestions given here should never replace professional advice from licensed contractors and engineers who directly evaluate any problem you are having.
    This is meant to be helpful to the many homeowners out there who will notice a problem but for whatever reason (budget, energy, time, etc) aren’t going to hire anyone to address the problem in a timely manner (if I close my eyes and don’t think about it, maybe it will just go away?). My hope is that maybe I can help those homeowners to make some simple adjustments to prevent a problem from getting worse, and maybe just avoid a serious problem all together.